Comburet 2

Comburet is a professional Mac Burning App.

Comburet is a professional Mac Burning App.

Comburet is the combination of AudioBurner and DiscBurner with extra enhanced features.Comburet is a professional Mac Burning App. You can use Comburet to burn music CD, data, iso and dmg image file,erase rewritable disc,make dmg and iso image file. Comburet has been localized in 74 languages, if you find something wrong with your own language,please let us know.

Comburet main features:

Auto find burning device

Supports CD,DVD,HD-DVD and BD

Burn music CD with CD-Text: m4a,m4b,m4p,mp3,caf,aiff,au,sd2,wav,snd,amr

Burn folder and image file(DMG and ISO)

Erase rewritable disc

Make DMG file

Make ISO file

You can burn music CD and files,images files(DMG and ISO). Support CD-Text international standards,8-language CD-Text. Supports CD,DVD and BD. You can even make your own DMG and ISO image files.

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Comburet 2

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